An Intro to the End

Posted by Benji, Michael, and Weston , Wednesday, May 19, 2010 11:03 PM

"Art is social" according to the historian James Adams "because it is th result of a relationship between an artist and his time." Indeed, this man was quite wise in his words. Art in it's many forms, is a beautiful thing. Whether it be painting, sculpture, architecture or even music, it allows for expression of emotions in ways unmatched by any other medim. Through such works of art, we can glimpse into the mind of the artist, a window, if you may, into not only what the artist had been feeling or thinking at the time, but also the attitudes and views of the society in which he or she was brought up in. However, one reoccurring theme appears quite prominently throughout history, even as different movements of art with different characteristics matured through the centuries: the apocalypse (the end of the world). So why is it that we continue interest in such a bleak concept? Through the settings of many different societies, the idea of the apocalypse has reappeared with influence from mythology, religion, conflict, and even characteristics of the society at the time.

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